What Milagro is about


Combining the service fitting a five star hotel, the atmosphere you could find in a country house in Toscana, together with experiences & activities selected and perfectly balanced towards our primary audience, meaning you !

Milagro offers an all-inclusive experience we believe is very different towards most others. A week or weekend with us doesn’t involved waiting for buses or standing with a tray for the daily buffet.  Instead you will experience memorable activities and sights together with fantastic meals. We combine in-house tapas & paella evenings with (suitable) live music with wine & food tasting experiences at unique venues. Everything included means just that. All transports to and from any activity, dinner och excursions includes private transfer. Having a great time at the wine tasting? Then that’s no problem. The transfer will wait as it is just for us and having a great experience matters more than keeping time. We who run Milagro of course do.

Being Swedish, we tend to live up to the perception of the “Swede”. We are on time, we give a lot off attention to detail, we offer a sense of luxury but with a very understated profile. Accommodation and services throughout is at such high level that we still today after going into our second year have 100% five-star reviews only.

We offer a select number of accommodations that are provide different advantages. Our main villa, Milagro, is a truly unique experience. Waking up in the morning, with sea-view from all the rooms, to see all the way to Ibiza from the 180 degree view, that is a good start to any day. Coming home after a day spent with yoga, massage and hikes provides the perfect reason to wind down on the terrass with some tapas and a glass of wine.  Worth to point out; we stock the villas daily with snacks, fruits, vegetables, drinks, water, wine, soda, bread and the list goes on.

Being all inclusive means that it all is at your disposal without additional cost.

While we in no way have restrictions towards either children, husbands or boyfriends, it’s worth making clear that the whole sensation of Milagro is designed and optimized for women. We have found that our offer, a retreat fully adjusted to the needs and wishes for the group of female friends wanting a get away, really stands out in the way it perfectly balances enough activity with a perfectly paced schedule.

We offer both a number of pre-set packages with different themes. These include Spanish gourmet week, Wine & Yoga week, hiking & cycling and even a more physical “get fit” week. They all have in common our unique blend of physical and other more experience related activities.

The initial 2 years, we have developed and fine tuned our concept mainly towards the Swedish market of women between 35 to 55. As we now starting to reach out also to the English speaking market, we are still a bit wanting in terms of multilingual presentation material so far.

Our personell speaks perfect English and all services and activities offered in English.
Together with us opening towards the UK market, we have a number of special offers available which we are happy to tell you more about.

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